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Cooling NY with PTAC Replacement Units

Packaged terminal air conditioner (also referred to as PTAC) units are self-contained air conditioning and heating systems that go through the wall and operate in a single living area space. PTAC units are typically used for heating and cooling purposes. These units are used as compact and efficient heating and cooling solutions throughout the apartment, assisted living, property management and hospitality industry. New York City is a major world hub and tourist attraction with a large number of hotels, motels and apartment buildings; many of which rely on top quality PTAC units to keep their guests and/or residents comfortable. Many of the existing buildings in New York were built with packaged terminal air conditioners of many original brands that are no longer in business.

In New York, PTAC units are installed in office buildings, college dormitories and residential buildings. Many people are also choosing to install PTAC units for residential usage, especially for new room additions such as sunrooms.
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Replacement NY PTAC Units

Properties that are continuing to use the original PTAC equipment from the builder will notice they are running inefficiently or approaching end-of-life for the system. There are a number of different reasons why an existing PTAC unit may be replaced listed below.:
  • The unit will be replaced by a new, higher efficiency unit that will provide significant energy savings
  • The existing unit is running at a poor efficiency
  • The original unit needs to be repaired often and is too costly to maintain
  • Replacement parts are no longer available to fix the unit
  • The operating noise of the original unit is too loud
Older, original equipment PTAC models may present additional challenges to finding suitable replacements. The easiest way to replace an existing PTAC unit is with the direct replacement model that is available on the market today. This will ensure that the PTAC unit will fit exactly into the same wall sleeve and cabinetry.
What can be done when the original manufacturer no longer offers the model that is needed for a replacement?
Some of the top manufacturers of PTAC units have recognized the importance of designing new replacement / retrofit PTAC models that will offer an exact fit to the models of original equipment manufacturer brands. These new units offer the increased efficiency and other technological advancements found in the industry today while providing ease of installation. In some cases, installation may be as simple as sliding the new replacement chassis into the existing original wall sleeve. This greatly minimizes replacement time and overall installation costs as well.

Choosing a Reputable Supplier of Replacement PTAC Units 


In the hospitality, property management and assisted living industry, finding and securing replacement PTAC units are often very urgent matters. It is especially important to find a reputable supplier with superior product availability and the ability to provide an immediate response to your specific HVAC needs.


There are trusted and reliable suppliers of direct replacement PTAC units for alternatives of the original manufacture brands for discontinued PTAC equipment. Some of these suppliers offer over 20 years of experience providing a unique mix of top quality PTAC units and other HVAC products with exceptional customer service. Take advantage of the selection of products and top quality customer service offered for all of your NY PTAC replacement and new construction needs today.


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